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    https://bit.ly/3bfdxiu Darting eyes away meaning >>>

    Recent Examples on the Web: Noun Stephenson tried to score from first, but
    Carlson played the ball well off the wall and Edman tossed a dart to the plate to
    8 Feb 2017 What does Your eyes are darting around. mean? See a translation It means that
    your eyes aren’t looking at one thing, but rapidly moving from
    ‘ ‘But the second the words are out, Greg regrets them, and he quickly darts a look
    at Rena to see if she’s upset.’ ‘I grumbled to myself, darting my eyes from here to
    31 Dec 2012 Eye contact is vital during a conversation, is a skill that can be However, when
    you look away, do it slowly without darting your eyes. This can
    to thrust or move suddenly or rapidly: He darted his eyes around the room.
    SYNONYMS FOR dart. 1 arrow, barb. 6 dash, bolt
    dart meaning, definition, what is dart: to move suddenly and quickly in a partic.
    a particular direction Jill darted forward and pulled him away from the fire.2 [
    intransitive, transitive literaryLOOK AT His little black eyes dart
    17 Jan 2013 Anyone who takes that phrase at its literal meaning is just being a tool like this
    then all metaphors would have to be tossed out the window.
    Find 47 ways to say DARTING, along with antonyms, related words, and example
    darting. See definition of darting on Dictionary.com. verbrace away; propel
    Nystagmus occurs when the part of the brain or inner ear that regulates eye
    movement and However, nystagmus usually never goes away completely.
    I’ve never heard of blushing eyes. To dart does not mean to “flutter.” It means the
    eyes (or eyeball, rather) move from one place to another around
    6 Jul 2015 Darting eyes. When we’re feeling insecure in any given situation, we naturally
    wish to escape it. For that, we have to first look away for

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