How to talk to a woman at the gym

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    Best Timing To Talk To A Girl At The Gym 1) Before a workout, after the workout,
    and resting between sets. Avoid interrupting her when she is working on her
    Instead say something like, “Wow I’ve noticed you’ve been here everyday this
    week. That takes real commitment, props to you.” She will appreciate that much
    6 Jan 2014 1) Be patient. Its best to wait a few gym sessions to approach her. 2) It’s okay to
    check her out, but don’t stare. I think getting caught giving her a
    #1 Don’t make eye contact from across the gym. Oh my goodness, NO. Don’t
    make it a goal to make eye contact with her. Whatever, check her out all you want
    , but
    Start with “eye contact with a short linger,” Perkins says. “Smile, be cool, and just
    say, ‘Hey.’ That’s all you have to do to create intrigue. If she’s interested, she’
    The best way to pick up women at the gym is to be the confident, charismatic and
    easy-going guy who can chat and get along with random people on occasion.
    16 May 2013 I’m interested in a girl at my gym. What’s the best way to approach her so I don’t
    seem like some creeper? Any specific things that I can say?
    16 Jul 2018 Yes, flirting at the gym is acceptable. No, not all the time. Learn how to win over a
    woman while getting your workout on, from the team at Style
    27 Jul 2019 You may not know it, but some women actually shop for gym clothes that are both
    cute and comfortable. The fact that you actually said something
    Increasing the heart rate with cardio Finish your workout first Watch a
    motivational video Watch a funny video Take 5 deeps breaths Get in a talking
    mood by
    5 Jan 2016 DO lay down the proper groundwork. Once you spot Cute Girl by the free weights,
    subtly put out your feelers the same way you would at a bar (

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